Welcome to A Single Story!

A Single Story is a new website that seeks to champion diverse voices in literature, poetry, television, film and theater by aggregating and spotlighting opportunities for writers of color.

We are living in a seminal moment; are present at a time when the national conversation, despite the efforts of many, is centered on inclusion. The call for diversity has permeated every industry – from Hollywood to Silicon Valley, from art museums to publishing houses – and marginalized voices are saying “no more.” We deserve our spot at the table. Our voices will be heard.

A Single Story wants to echo those voices. It was created in response to the need for people of color to have ownership of their stories and the dangers that arise when others frame our narratives on our behalf.

In the last year alone, a conservative playwright developed a play that tried to validate the injustice that took place in Ferguson; a white poet pretended to be Asian as "a strategy" to get published; and stage veteran Tonya Pinkins stepped down from the lead role in Mother Courage to pen a scathing and necessary missive titled “Who Loses, Who Thrives When White Creatives Tell Black Stories?”

The upside? There are many opportunities available for writers of color and A Single Story will share them with you through posts about contests, fellowships, and workshops, event listings and a resource page that lists magazines, journals, organizations and programs that are dedicated to working with writers of color. Another goal this year is to build a community of writers through social gatherings and readings, so please stay tuned.

I began by telling you that the site was a labor or love. It is also a collaborative effort. I want to personally thank everyone who submitted opportunities. Please bookmark and share A Single Story with your friends, your writing groups, and through social media. And feel free to submit any opportunities you come across.

Let’s work together to bring accuracy and authenticity to the stories that shape our lives!


Camille Ortiz