ColorCreative / Powderkeg

INFO: This is a joint venture between ColorCreative and Powderkeg. We're looking for underrepresented writers who have an idea for an ensemble feature film that captures the humor, the awkwardness, and the all consuming drama of the modern high school experience! 

We want to see fresh and inclusive perspectives that represent a new generation coming of age in today’s world. The 80's had FERRIS BULLER'S DAY OFF and THE BREAKFAST CLUB. The 90's had CLUELESS and EMPIRE RECORDS. The 00's had MEAN GIRLS and BRING IT ON...

We are looking for the next decade-defining teen movie to launch us into 2020!

Submit your film idea to us via a 1-3 page pitch document.

50 Writers will be chosen to continue in the contest as "First Round Selects" where each candidate will have four weeks to submit an outline or scriptment, in addition to the first act of their feature based on their pitch. 

ColorCreative and Powderkeg will choose 20-25 submissions to advance into the Quarter-Finalist round where candidates will be asked to submit a bio and a full feature script, not to exceed 120 pages. 

8 Semi-Finalists will advance to the next round where they will be scheduled for in-person or Skype interviews with representatives from each company.

After all of the interviews have concluded, 4 Finalists will be chosen to enter a one-month incubation period to develop and write a short film script that serves as proof of concept for their feature. During this stage, Finalists will be paired with an experienced writer that will serve as their mentor. 

2 Winning Writers will be announced and have their script optioned. Powderkeg and ColorCreative will produce the short film with a budget of $25K each to subsequently take both the short and script to potential buyers.

DEADLINE: August 9, 2019